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How do we pay for the real estate video shoot?

Sep - 05 | | no comments. | Homes for sale in NW Indiana, SW Michigan, and SE Illinois

I was out in the field for a home for sale video that I was doing as a favor for a friend.  We wanted to try providing potential home buyers the option of going on line to watch a video of homes for sale on the market.  Great idea!  but who pays for the service and how much.  I was doing a comparison of fees charged for virtual tours and home appraisals, and found that the fees ranged from $200.00 to thousands of dollars, obviously depending on the size, location and value of the property for sale.  My wife and I had our home appraised for a refi and we were charged close to $400.00.  The gentleman took less that ten photos, walked through the house, conducted an external tour excluding our two garages or the lower level finished apartment.  He then gave us his business card and advised that he would be sending the appraisal by mail within 30 days.

Not bad for $400.00.  He spent about 40 minutes at out home.  I know you charge for your time, mileage, and office time calculating the total square footage…,  but there is software for this.

My question is, what is a fair fee for doing similar work, but with a lot more time for the editing and posting the shoot on the web.  The given calculation is for every minute of posted video, there is an hour of editing.  So a ten minute posted video equals ten hours in the editing station.  Add on the mileage, equipment setup and pre-walk through- making sure all of the areas to be shot are properly lighted.

I will survey real estate agents and home owners selling their homes to get an idea of what they consider is a fair price.  I have video shooters who state that the pay that was offered was $100.00 for an average size home, and that this is a losing effort especially when the fee for a virtual tour is more!